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FEFU | Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia, Representative in Pakistan:

FEFU | Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok – Russia:
Sky Track Visa Pro is an authorised representative and partner institute of FAFU – Far Eastern Federal University in Pakistan. We are excited to welcome you at the website of Far Eastern Federal University, one of the leading federal universities of Russia. FEFU is the bearer of traditions of the Russian classical culture, science and education. Far Eastern Federal University has its origins in 1899 at the time when the Oriental Institute was founded in Vladivostok. Today FEFU is the only classical university in Eastern Russia. In incorporates Schools with generations-old traditions and areas of research that form the core of our intellectual base. One of the FEFU’s advantages is its geographic location in the center of the Asia Pacific region, which is now one of the most dynamically developing parts of the world. This place is the second pole of a world civilization, which includes the leading counties of the globe, such as China, the United States, Japan, India and many world-famed metropolitan cities, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Seoul. Being a link or a cultural bridge between Russia and this part of the world remains one of the FEFU’s main objectives. This is the reason why our University is not only a pathway to your professional future, but also a road into the future of the entire country, where all motivated, hardworking and talented young people will find their rightful places!

We are sure that through combining our endeavors we shall be able to achieve our shared objectives.

FEFU’s Main Objectives:

In cooperation with the best scientific, educational, and innovative institutions of Russia and the other Asia-Pacific countries, to develop research and increase the intellectual and economic potential of the region; Read more…

Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania | Mykolas Romeris University Representative in Pakistan:

Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius – Lithuania:
Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) is an international university located in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. Modern, creative and entrepreneurial academic community has raised MRU to the leading university in social sciences and interdisciplinary research in Lithuania. MRU cooperates closely with over 300 universities, public and private institutions, takes part in academic, professional and inter-sectorial networks. MRU has a full membership of the following international higher education organizations: International Association of Universities, European University Association, European Association for International Education, European-Asian Knowledge Consortium Social Technologies for Smart and Inclusive Society, etc.

Currently MRU enrolls 7500 students including 600 international students and employs over 400 academic staff. The university offers doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree study programmes. Over 80% of them have international accreditation. The most popular study programmes are law, management, public administration, psychology, social work, public security, etc. About 200 doctoral students study in the fields of law, management, psychology, philology, economics, and educational science.

MRU is structured within the Faculty of Economics and Business, The School of Law, the Faculty of Public Governance, the Academy of Public Security, Institute of Communication, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Educational Sciences and Social Work and the Institute of Psychology. Research and innovation is implemented at the Social Innovations Laboratory Network MRU LAB that includes 16 laboratories and the Research and Innovation Support Centre. Read more…

Catholic University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain | Catholic University of Murcia Representative in Pakistan:

Catholic University of Murcia, Murcia – Spain:
UCAM is a Catholic University in which higher education is offered, researchers are trained and professionals are prepared by means of the generation and transmission of science, technology and culture, according to rational truth and in the light of faith of the Catholic Church; at the service of the integral development of the individual, family and society, according to the principles of the Gospel and through:

A diverse academic offer, constantly adapting and consistent with the real needs of society, culture and the Catholic Church. Teaching methodology applied to small groups; continuous assessment; development of personal autonomy and spirit of service; promotion of teamwork; stimulation of personal and collective creativity, and in constant contact with professional environments through internships. Personalized teaching with a high level of dedication from the professors to the students and with trained tutors for academic, psychological and personal counseling.

A University community composed of students, professors, administrative staff and services, and governing bodies based on the principles of cooperation and mutual support at the service of knowledge. International, national and regional orientation with particular attention to Spanish-speaking countries. The system of quality management applied to teaching, research and services in order to ensure the excellence in professional roles and in human relationships among all members of the University community, through continued training programs for professors and for general service staff. Read more…

Charles University, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic | Charles University Representative in Pakistan:

Charles University, Hradec Kralove – Czech Republic:
Faculty of Pharmacy (FaF) of Charles University in Hradec Kralove was founded in 1969. It continues the old and long tradition of studying pharmacy at the Charles University going back to the very beginning of almae matris.

In the regional center of East Bohemia, a new university was added to the existing Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, the Jan Evangelista Purkyně Military Medical Research and Training Institute (now the Faculty of Military Health Sciences of the University of Defense) and the Faculty of Education (today the University of Hradec Králové) . The Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University is an integral part of the city and the whole region, and plays an irreplaceable role in the educational structure and special scientific activities.

The first steps of the Faculty of Pharmacy were marked by difficulties and necessary improvisations. Their common denominator was the lack of suitable space for the establishment of the school. Teaching took place in temporary conditions in a total of 16 places of the then regional city and even in the premises of the former East Bohemian Chemical Plant in Pardubice-Semtin. Teaching was often solved in block form, and took place on Saturday and Sunday.

The change for the better came in 1972, when in January the assembled “Tesko” building with two lecture rooms for 70 students and a seminar room of 30 chairs was put into use. In October of the same year, the approval of the 9-storey southern building took place. The construction of the northern building began with the end of 1973, and it was not put into use until January 1980. Meanwhile, the “Tesko” building 2 was added, with the first lessons taking place there beginning with the academic year 1974-1975.

The official inauguration of the new faculty of Charles University connected with the matriculation of the first 51 students took place on 24 January 1970. Pharmaceutical studies were again integrated into the academic volume of Charles University. Read more…

Synergy University, Moscow, Russia, Representative in Pakistan:

Synergy University – Moscow – Russia:
Sky Track Visa Pro is an authorised representative and partner institute of Synergy University in Pakistan. Non-state educational private institution of higher education «Moscow financial and industrial University «synergy» was registered on August 03, 1995 by the Department for registration of non-profit organizations of the Department of public and interregional relations of the Government of Moscow and entered into the Unified state register of legal entities on February 18, 2003. Synergy University has combined long-time academical traditions and modern educational technologies. For almost 30 years we have been training professionals who have a full package of practical experience and skills both for starting and developing their own business and holding TOP-management positions in big companies. Our goal is to make good education accessible to everyone.

Congratulations on becoming a student of Synergy University!
This section contains the most important information: news about studies and student life at our University, upcoming event announcements, class schedule, communication with administration, job offers from partner companies, access to personal file and much more.

Work permit:
A foreign Citizen, undergoing full-time education at a college or a higher educational facility with state accreditation in the Russian Federation is eligible for employment on the basis of a work permit. A work permit to such foreign Citizens is issued for the duration of their employment contract or service agreement, but not longer than 1 calendar year. The validity period of the said work permit may not exceed the full-time study period of the foreign Citizen. Officially student can work 20 hours per week. When they find a suitable employer, they can apply to the migration service to get the job permit. Read more…

SELC, British Columbia, Canada | SELC Representative in Pakistan:

History and Culture since 1985:
Sky Track Visa Pro is an authorised representative in Pakistan. SELC was founded in 1985 in the city of Sydney making us one of the longest established schools. SELC Canada opened its doors in Vancouver in 2012 and since then SELC Vancouver has developed its own culture and unique atmosphere, which separates us from larger, less personal schools. Students arriving at SELC for the first time are usually surprised at the range and quality of the excellent facilities SELC has to offer and they immediately gain a sense of the more personal and nurturing learning environment which is an integral part of SELC’s culture.

Quality and Variety

Our dedication to academic excellence and personal service provides every kind of language learner with an unforgettable, unique learning and cultural experience. SELC is a medium-sized boutique school with more than 15 staff and between 80 and 150 students at our centrally located campus. SELC provides a wide range of interesting courses, excellent facilities and highly qualified, experienced teachers, as well as individual, personalised and friendly service to students of all ages and cultures.
Study and Career Pathways

SELC offers a wide range of study pathways to Universities and Colleges, including SELC Career College Canada. At SELC Career College, students have the opportunity to learn from up-to- date trainers with real industry experience. Read more…

Coquitlam College British Columbia Canada | Coquitlam College Representative in Pakistan:

Coquitlam College – British Columbia – Canada:
Coquitlam College is dedicated to providing students of all nations with excellent educational opportunities within an atmosphere of scholarly integrity and cultural sensitivity. Coquitlam College maintains its own campus which is situated on a large property of approximately 7 acres and is a 5-minute walk to the Lougheed Skytrain Station and Lougheed Mall. There is student parking and a lovely landscaped garden for students to enjoy. The College gym is always open to students with a variety of sports to participate in every day. A Coquitlam College education offers keys to success in university, unforgettable adventures in learning, and experiences to treasure forever.

The College has a library which provides students with current and comprehensive information from our growing collection of books, an electronic library, and via the Internet. Library assistants are also available to help students locate information and material.

Students from all over the world choose Coquitlam College for its superb educational standards and inspiring, highly trained instructors. A Coquitlam College education offers a key to success in university, an unforgettable adventure in learning, and experiences to treasure forever.

Coquitlam College offers a University Transfer Program, a Senior Secondary Program and an English Studies (ES) Program and was one of the first two private institutions to be part of the BC Transfer System.

Coquitlam College has the options and the expertise that you need to reach your academic goals. Whether you are ready to begin your university studies right now—or if you need more English or high school courses first—our diverse programs set you on your path right away. And with our smaller class sizes, you’ll get plenty of personalized attention from our highly qualified, experienced faculty. Read more…

JCI (John Casablancas Institute) British Columbia Canada | JCI Representative in Pakistan:

JCI (John Casablancas Institute) – British Columbia – Canada:
Sky Track Visa Pro is an authorised JCI (John Casablancas Institute) Representative in Pakistan. JCI has earned its internationally renowned reputation by taking a personalized approach to education. Throughout each program of study, creativity and passion are celebrated to ensure that every student maximizes their potential and reaches their goals. Our small class sizes also reflect our commitment to quality education and fostering individual growth. JCI not only focuses on providing the most cutting-edge and relevant training available, but it also takes your postgraduate success to heart. Program Directors and Industry Liaisons are on staff to assist your transition from initial concept to securing your dream job.

Our local and international connections give you unparalleled access to makeup, fashion, hair and spa opportunities, and we fully recognize that our reputation is defined by our graduates’ success. We’re searching for students that share our vision, and will bring their unique style, commitment and drive to the table.

MISSION STATEMENT Our Mission is to offer quality education in a professional and realistic environment that will provide our students with the relevant skills and knowledge required to pursue their chosen career. Read more…

Czech College – Prague – Czech Republic:
The main campus of Czech College is located in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. The campus, situated in the Zizkov district of Prague, is well equipped with modern classrooms, library, computer rooms, and facilities for students and staff. Prague is the capital and the largest city of the Czech Republic, and is home to a number of famous cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of 20th century Europe. The extensive historic centre of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The diplomas on offer focus on Business, International Management, Finance,

Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Operations Management. We are considered to be one of the premier businesses schools in Europe, primarily due to our streamlined approach to education.

The Czech College School of Technology matches every globalstandard set by the flagship academy, the School of Business. Classes at The School of Technology commenced in 2016; the courses on offer include Bachelor of Science in Information Technology . The programmes at the School of Technology are currently only available at the Prague campus.

Czech College’s School of Health Care focuses on educating our students to efficiently manage an Health Care organisation or train foreign educated health care professionals to practice in Czech health care organisations. Our aim as an health care school is to train and equip our students with the highest standard of education in Europe to resolve the challenges and shortage of skills faced by the health care industry. We offer one programs at our School of Health Care : Nurses Adaptation Programme in cooperation with STŘEDNÍ ZDRAVOTNICKÁ ŠKOLA, Turnov.