AUSINET Australia | Australian Institute of Electro Technology, Representative in Pakistan

AUSINET Australia | Australian Institute of Electro Technology, Representative in Pakistan:

Australian Institute of Electro Technology – Brisbane, Darwin:
Australian Institute of technology is a specialized training organization and we only deliver Electrotechnology courses.
Our trainers are specialists in Instrumentation and electrical trade with over 20 years experience.
They are regularly engaged in contract roles as consultants and techs which helps to stay updated with the industry requirements.

Flexible Life Changing Courses:
Don’t waste your time sitting in a classroom with dozens of other students, our courses are flexible and we offer one on one practical experience.
We want to empower you with tools for achieving greater success.
At the Australian Institute of Electrotechnology, the trainer is present to step you through the journey of transformation from a an Electrician to an Excellent Instrument technician.

National Recognised Intensive Courses:

  • From sketching a concept and then building it from scratch, in these intensive courses we will teach you everything you need to know and lead you down the path to gain more knowledge
  •  On completion, you will get a Nationally recognised certificate which is highly valid in the industry.
  •  Our courses are reviewed by industry experts every 3 months.

Less Theory, More Practice:

  • Most of the course is practical based assignments which will give you the experience to hit the ground running.
  • The assessments are written by industry experts and not by someone who has never been in the field.

Access & Equity Policy:
Ausinet’s Management and staff desired learning outcomes. The RTO is committed to providing training and assessment services to all clients regardless of race, religion, sex, socio language, literacy or numeracy. Special client needs will be identified through initial contact with reception and enrolment staff, receipt of application materials, and orientation events prior to the commencement of training and or assessment.

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