Synergy University, Moscow, Russia, Representative in Pakistan

Synergy University, Moscow, Russia, Representative in Pakistan:

Synergy University – Moscow – Russia:
Sky Track Visa Pro is an authorised representative and partner institute of Synergy University in Pakistan. Non-state educational private institution of higher education «Moscow financial and industrial University «synergy» was registered on August 03, 1995 by the Department for registration of non-profit organizations of the Department of public and interregional relations of the Government of Moscow and entered into the Unified state register of legal entities on February 18, 2003. Synergy University has combined long-time academical traditions and modern educational technologies. For almost 30 years we have been training professionals who have a full package of practical experience and skills both for starting and developing their own business and holding TOP-management positions in big companies. Our goal is to make good education accessible to everyone.

Congratulations on becoming a student of Synergy University!
This section contains the most important information: news about studies and student life at our University, upcoming event announcements, class schedule, communication with administration, job offers from partner companies, access to personal file and much more.

Work permit:
A foreign Citizen, undergoing full-time education at a college or a higher educational facility with state accreditation in the Russian Federation is eligible for employment on the basis of a work permit. A work permit to such foreign Citizens is issued for the duration of their employment contract or service agreement, but not longer than 1 calendar year. The validity period of the said work permit may not exceed the full-time study period of the foreign Citizen. Officially student can work 20 hours per week. When they find a suitable employer, they can apply to the migration service to get the job permit.

Average cost of accommodation is around USD 200 per month. Synergy has the dormitory and all the student are preferred to stay there. Anyhow, students can chose another option, but in this case, all the students should mind their official registration in Russian on their own. Click here for accommodation details.

Study, work, develop, partake in sports and arts and enjoy yourself in the rhythm of Synergy.

Admission Process:

   Please download rules and restrictions for the students.

   Download complete admission procedure.

   The student will have to choose six / nine months Russian language course. After the completion of Russian language course, the student will get admission in his/her desired program.

   Choose your desired program from Synergy University. You can download program catalogue here.

   Complete Free Assessment Form.

   Complete Synergy University Admission Application Form.

   An online interview will be conducted with the University Representative at Whatsapp / Skype.

   In case of successful interview, the student will get a Conditional Offer Letter,  admission letter / invitation form and a Student Contract with the Synergy University.

   Pay US$ 200 to Synergy University for the issuance of admission letter / invitation.

   Complete admission letter / invitation form.

   Get your admission letter / invitation by courier.

Russian Study Visa Application Process:

   A complete Visa Support Instruction is also provided by Synergy University.

   Duly completed visa application form ( with a attached photo.

   Valid passport.

   Original invitation from the institute/university/academy issued by the concerned Ministries of the Russian Federation.

   Original Academic certificates. They must be attested by the Ministry of Education of Pakistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan and translated into Russian language. Its copies should be attached to the application case.

   University Contract for the education signed by both sides.

   HIV test certificate.

   Medical fitness certificate.

   Up-to-date bank statement. If the bank statement is not of the applicant but of a sponsor or a relative, there should be a sponsor’s letter(affidavit).

   Original Police Character Certificate with the contact number of issuing authority.