Adams College of English, Los Angeles, USA, Representative in Pakistan

Adams College of English, Los Angeles, USA | Adams College of English Representative in Pakistan:

Adams College of English – Los Angeles – USA:
Since 2007, Adams College of English has helped many international students learn English in Los Angeles.
Our school director, Dr. David Park, graduated from UCLA and knows how important learning English is to be successful.

Many international students have improved their English at Adams College of English and continued to work towards their dreams.
​Whatever goals you have, we aim to be the best English language school in Los Angeles that will help you.

Our Mission:
To provide students with a high-quality English Language Education including Test Preparation in a student-centered learning environment for the pursuit of academic, professional and personal goals.

  • Certified teachers that have a combined 57 years of experience teaching ESL to international students.

  • Modern teaching plan that increase English speaking and writing with everyday use.

  • Provide a helpful staff that has experience in helping international students with basic questions about their I-20 and F1 Visa procedure.

  • Our staff is dedicated to creating a friendly environment and is always trying to be the most helpful English language school in Los Angeles.

  • Create a friendly class that focuses on improving English and building English speaking confidence.

  • Support ESL students to work together to build a close community at the best international language school in Los Angeles.

ACCET Complaint Procedure:
This institution is recognized by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) as meeting and maintaining certain standards of quality. It is the mutual goal of ACCET and the institution to ensure that educational training programs of quality are provided. When problems arise, students should make every attempt to find a fair and reasonable solution through the institution’s internal complaint procedure, which is required of ACCET accredited institutions and frequently requires the submission of a written complaint. Refer to the institution’s written complaint procedure which is published in the institution’s catalog or otherwise available from the institution, upon request. Note that ACCET will process complaints which involve ACCET standards and policies and, therefore, are within the scope of the accrediting agency.

In the event that a student has exercised the institution’s formal student complaint procedure, and the problem(s) have not been resolved, the student has the right and is encouraged to take the following steps:

1. Complaints should be submitted in writing and mailed, or emailed to the ACCET office. Complaints received by phone will be documented, but the complainant will be requested to submit the complaint in writing.

2. The letter of complaint must contain the following:
a) Name and location of the ACCET institution;
b) A detailed description of the alleged problem(s);
c) The approximate date(s) that the problem(s) occurred;
d) The names and titles/positions of all individual(s) involved in the problem(s), including faculty, staff, and/or other students;
e) What was previously done to resolve the complaint, along with evidence demonstrating that the institution’s complaint procedure was followed prior to contacting ACCET;
f) The name, email address, telephone number, and mailing address of the complainant. If the complainant specifically requests that anonymity be maintained, ACCET will not reveal his or her name to the institution involved; and
g) The status of the complainant with the institution (e.g. current student, former student, etc.).

3. In addition to the letter of complaint, copies of any relevant supporting documentation should be forwarded to ACCET (e.g. student’s enrollment agreement, syllabus or course outline, correspondence between the student and the institution).

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