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Denmark Tourist Visa for Pakistan:

Denmark Short Term Tourist Visa – For Tourism and Sight-seeing:
Denmark is a proud member of Scandinavian Block. It consists of about 429 islands but only 72 of them are populated. Funen, Lolland-Falter, the larger islands of Zealand and Jutland peninsula are the major islands of Denmark.

Islands of Denmark are best portraits of nature. The beautiful villages, natural woodland and stunning lakes double its beauty. Denmark is situated at the ideal place of Europe. The major cities of Europe like London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, Vienna etc. are approximately one or two hours flight away from Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

Living in Denmark is always good idea. The society of Denmark respects each other’s thoughts. Danish people believe in equality. Everyone has freedom of speech. In Denmark you will have freedom of religion and there is no bias against any race, gender, religion and sexual preference .The democratic society of Denmark gives equal rights to all. Law is equal for locals and foreigners. There is free education and healthcare for all (for Danish and EU citizens).

Denmark is a safe country with very less crime rate. One can enjoy his life with his family and friends without facing any hate or racism. In Denmark, you can enjoy beautiful clean beaches, healthy food and sports facilities on very economical cost. The clean atmosphere of Denmark is ideal for bicycle riding.

Danish people enjoys every second of their life, they prefer their family and friends to work. They maintain balance between work and family. There is 37 working hour in a week, with good wage rate. One can earn good money in 37 hours per week. All the employees in Denmark are given five weeks vacation with full pay annually. Leave are also granted with pay in case of child sickness. There are lots of part time job in Denmark for international student. After completion of study, Pakistani / foreign students can find full time jobs and enjoy all the employee rights according to law.

Who needs a Denmark visa?

If you wish to visit Denmark for a short period of time and you are a citizen of a country with a visa requirement, you must have a visa.

See list of countries with a visa requirement

Special regulations apply to certain groups of people:

  • Denmark has concluded bilateral visa-facilitation agreements with a number of countries: Montenegro, Albania, Ukraine, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, and Moldova. Read more about the visa-facilitation agreements
  • Turkish citizens who are to perform a service in Denmark do not need a visa. Read more about visa exemption for certain Turkish citizens
  • People holding certain types of residence permits in another Schengen country do not need a visa. Read more about residence permit issued by another Schengen country
  • People holding certain types of residence permits issued by Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus or Rumania are permitted to travel through Denmark to the country that has issued the residence permit, but may not stop over without reason. The journey through Denmark may last no longer than five days.
  • People holding a EU residence card issued under the EU regulations on free movement issued by a Schengen country do not need a visa. People holding an EU residence card issued by an EU country which is not a Schengen country, can enter Denmark without a visa only if they are accompanied by, or will join, an EU citizen. This applies to both residence cards issued in accordance with Directive 2004/38/EC and residence cards issued before this directive took effect. Residence cards are in the form of a plastic card the size of a credit card or a residence sticker placed in the passport.
  • Family members of an EU/EEA citizen or Swiss citizen who is exercising his/her right to free movement in Denmark, as well as family members of a Danish citizen who is exercising or who has exercised his/her right to free movement to relocate to another EU/EEA country or Switzerland, have the right to have a visa application processed in accordance with EU regulations. Read more about visas issued under EU regulations

Who can be granted a Denmark private and tourist visit visa?
You can normally get a visa if the authorities assess that you undoubtedly intend to return home before your visa expires and that you will also comply with the conditions for your visa. This applies regardless of which country with a visa requirement you come from.

However, if the authorities assess that there is doubt whether you will travel home or leave the Schengen countries before your visa expires – or whether you will otherwise comply with the conditions for your visa – the authorities will investigate your case further. When the authorities then decide whether you can get a visa, the authorities will emphasize which of the 5 main groups of countries with a visa requirement, you belong to.

Countries whose citizens must hold visas in order to enter Denmark are divided into five main groups.
Different guideline requirements for obtaining a visa apply to each group.

Different countries are grouped based on the overall risk of a citizen remaining within the Schengen countries after the individual’s visa expires.

The division of countries into 5 main groups serves only as a rough guideline. All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For instance, it will be taken into consideration whether you have previously been issued a Schengen visa and you have complied with the terms of the visa. Other special situations that may be considered include: whether you are seeking to visit an individual suffering from a terminal illness, or if the purpose of the trip is to attend the funeral of a close friend or relative.

Regardless of which group of countries you belong to, the immigration authorities will refuse a visa if there is a risk that you:

  • will seek to reside in Denmark or another Schengen country permanently or for an extended period, or
  • pose a security risk.

Decisions on visas are taken in accordance with the rules of the EU Visa Code and the rules in the Visa Executive Order and the Visa Guideline.

Read Executive Order on aliens’ access to Denmark on the basis of a visa

Read also Guideline for processing an application for a Danish visa

Denmark Embassy in Pakistan:

Embassy of Denmark, Pakistan
H. 16, Street 21, F-6/2
P.O. Box 1118 Islamabad
Tel +92 51 209 9800
Fax +92 51 282 3483
Visa Tel +92 51 2099801 (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday; 02:00pm-03:30pm). (for visa appointments)
Consulate General of Denmark
F-48/B, Block 6 P.E.C.H.S, Shahrah-e-Faisal,

Denmark Embassy Islamabad Contact Number:
Tel +92(0)213 4373005
Fax +92(0)213 4373006

Denmark Embassy Islamabad Visa Form:

Application forms are available at Gerry’s Visa Service Center free of charge. Application forms are also available here on the website of the Danish Immigration Service. || Source ||

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