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China Student Visa for Pakistan:

China Student Visa X1:
Study visa is must for getting entry to china for study purpose. Visa is issued to only those who want to study in china for a fix period of time. The time duration for the visa grantee to you depend on your desired degree and its time duration.

Applicant must have the complete information about the institute he is going to study in and applying on the behalf of. It is important that the organization must be accredited for offering courses or internships to foreigners. They will send you a JW201 or JW202 form and an admission letter. You have to submit these with photocopies with your application.

Applicants are not allowed to work on X type of Visa. If any student found to be working to support their education or else will be deemed unlawful employment and will probably have to stop or be expelled.

X1 holders shall apply for a Temporary Residence Permit from the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) within 30 days upon entry into China. The temporary residence permit can be issued with validity of 180 days to 5 years. X2 holders shall stay in China within the duration period as indicated on the visa, and it is not necessary for them to apply for the temporary residence permit.

China X1 and X2 Visa Difference:
The student visa for china is divided into two major types, X1 and X2. X1 is issued to aliens who come to China for study, advanced studies, or fieldwork for more than 6 months. X2 is issued to aliens who come to China with same purpose but for a period of less than 6 months.

There is a list of documents required for every visa type and are must to have while applying for any visa type. It is more important that the document are genuine and authentic if any fake document found the applicant would face a serious response and would have to face strict results including disability to apply again for the visa forever.

List of Documents:

Original passport with a validity of more than 6 months and minimum 2 blank visa pages, and photocopies of the first 2 pages (personal information) of your passport and recent Chinese visas if any;
One fully completed Visa Application Form (Form V2011A) in Chinese or English, attached with one of the applicant’s recent color photograph (30mm X 40mm).
NOTE: If you are applying to work or study in China, or if someone else travelling with you shares the same passport, or if you are applying for a visa in a country or territory other than the country of your current nationality, you also should fill out the supplementary visa application form.

If it is your first time to visit China, you should provide your local police character/clearance certificate.
Student Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW 202 or JW201, original and photocopy);
Admission Letter from your perspective university;
Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad. Blank form can be downloaded from this website);
Mark sheet/diploma (original and photocopy).

Successfully submitting the COVA form online does not mean your application for a visa has been approved. Any decision pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas is made by the Chinese embassy/consulate, which may be inconsistent with your application. Start online application now.

China online visa application:

Scheduling an appointment will save your time when you go to the Chinese embassy/consulate. You must follow the instructions of the Chinese embassy/consulate when scheduling an appointment. If the embassy/consulate is not open to scheduling visa appointment online, you can take the printed application form directly to submit. Schedule an appointment now.

Appointment for visa application submission:

The visa application after submission takes a specific time for the processing and approval or disapproval of the application fee.

1. The normal processing time for the visa application is 4 working days (e.g. submission on Monday, pick up on Thursday).
2. If you are applying for urgent visa and you want it to be done in 2 or 3 days than you had to pay some additional charges of 20$ will be charged against it. This category is known as: Express service
3. Same day rush service charges an additional fee of $30 for 1 working day processing applying under this category the applications presented before 12:00pm may be picked up in the afternoon on the same day.

The admission and tuition fee vary according to the course and degree you are applying for also every college has its own fee structure. Applying on a scholarship will also change your fee requirement. One must have to pay the admission fee on the time of admission only after that he will be issued the approval letter on the behalf of which the students have to apply for the study visa. While applying for visa application in chines consulate you also had to pay a minimum amount of tuition fee to you college in china.

Keeping tuition fee on a side there is affix amount of visa fee to be paid to the chines consulate for processing the visa application the fee vary according to the visa type and processing time as mentioned before. The embassy only accepts cash in Pakistani Rupees. Other foreign currency, cheques or money order is unaccepted. If you apply for this visa you have to pays different charges applying from America you had to pay $50 and $30 for citizens of other countries.
Pakistanis are exempted from any Chinese visa fees.

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