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Italy Visit Visa from Pakistan:

Italy Short-term Visitor Visa C – Short Course or Training:
You can apply for a short course, training or extension even if you are a;
* Student
* Employee
* Business Person
Short courses are ideal for students who wish to upgrade their skills and refresh their knowledge, or to those who wish to expand their e.g. managerial, technical, I.T. and any other skill into new areas of interest.

These intensive courses are usually designed on various levels to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced candidates. Courses are normally open to the general public, as well as developing courses for organisations that meet their specific training requirements.

What is Italy short-term study visa route?
The short-term study visa allows non-EEA nationals to come to the Schengen area to undertake a short period of study where the duration is less than six months or a part-time course where attendance in the institute is only required for short periods.