IELTS Speaking Part 02

Cue Card Topics:

  1. Describe someone in your family
  2. Describe a book that had a major influence on you
  3. Your favourite restaurant
  4. A happy event of your life
  5. Best gift/present you have received
  6. Your favourite movie
  7. Describe an advertisement you like
  8. A historic place
  9. Describe an important decision that you made
  10. A newspaper or a magazine
  11. A website you often browse
  12. A journey you went on
  13. Describe a TV program
  14. Describe a friend you like to spend time with
  15. Talk about your favourite food
  16. Describe a party
  17. Describe a museum
  18. A childhood memory
  19. Describe a useful website you have visited and liked
  20. Describe your favourite animal
  21. Describe what you usually do in your leisure time
  22. Talk about your favourite season in your country
  23. Describe one of your favourite photographs
  24. Describe your favourite singer
  25. Describe a foreign country you have never been to
  26. Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education
  27. Describe a piece of modern technology you own
  28. A positive change in your life
  29. Describe your ideal home or place to live
  30. Describe your favourite song or piece of music
  31. Describe an interest or hobby that you particularly enjoy
  32. Describe a time when you helped someone
  33. Describe a place where you like to go to
  34. Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing
  35. Describe a good law in your country
  36. Describe a law which you like
  37. Tell a childhood story you heard
  38. Describe an old person you admire
  39. Describe a friend from your childhood
  40. Describe a city you have visited
  41. Someone who has had an important influence in your life
  42. Describe a place that you would like to travel to
  43. A famous person you know in your country.
  44. Describe a thing which is important to you
  45. Describe something healthy you enjoy doing
  46. Describe an experience when you lost something
  47. Describe a family business you know about
  48. Describe a competition / contest you have entered
  49. Describe a birthday celebration that you attended recently
  50. Describe your favourite dress