Grammar Task 05

Grammar Section:

  • Shift all the 12 tense to the left hand fingers:

09: Future Indefinite
“Ta ho ga”
Will, Shall
1st Form of the Verb
10: Future Continuous
“Raha ho ga”
Will be , Shall be
“Ing” Form of the Verb
11: Future Perfect
“Chuka ho ga”
Will have, Shall have
3rd Form of the Verb
12: Future Perfect Continuous
“Ta raha ho ga”
Will have been, Shall have been
“Ing” Form of the Verb
05: Past Indefinite
“Ta tha”
Did (Not to be used with Simple Sentences).
2nd Form of the Verb
06: Past Continuous
“Raha tha”
Was, Were
“Ing” Form of the Verb
07: Past Perfect
“Chuka tha”
3rd Form of the Verb
08: Past Perfect Continuous
“Ta raha tha”
Had been
“Ing” Form of the Verb
01: Present Indefinite
“Ta he”
Do, Does (Not to be used with Simple Sentences).
1st Form of the Verb
02: Present Continuous
“Raha he”
Is, Am, Are
“Ing” Form of the Verb
03: Present Perfect
“Chuka he”
Has, Have
3rd Form of the Verb
04: Present Perfect Continuous
“Ta raha he”
Has been, Have been
“Ing” Form of the Verb

Vocabulary Section:

700+ Most Common English Verbs List with Useful Examples: (Part 4)

Verbs List (T)

List of verbs that start with T with verbs examples.

  • Take: I took a walk.
  • Talk: Tom talked a lot.
  • Taste: The soup tastes salty.
  • Teach: I’ll teach you how to swim.
  • Tear: I tore the picture out of the album.
  • Tell: I told him to come.
  • Tend: She tends to be late for school.
  • Think: I think that Mr. Peter is a good teacher.
  • Threaten: They threatened to ban the book.
  • Throw: I threw away my shoes.
  • Tiptoe: Tom quietly tiptoed out of the room.
  • Tolerate: We don’t tolerate smoking in the library.
  • Translate: He translated the verse into English.
  • Try: We tried to confuse the enemy.

Verbs List (U,V)

List of verbs that start with U & V with verbs examples.

  • Understand: I knew you’d understand.
  • Vacuum: Tom vacuumed his bedroom.
  • Value: We value our customers.
  • Vary: The boxes vary in size from small to large.
  • Volunteer: They volunteer to teach introductory courses.

Verbs List (W)

List of verbs that start with W with verbs examples.

  • Wait: I can’t wait to see you.
  • Wake: I have to wake Tom up.
  • Walk:  Don’t try to walk before you can crawl.
  • Want: I want to watch TV.
  • Warn: We’ve got to warn Tom.
  • Wash: Tom washed his hands.
  • Watch: We watched a movie.
  • Wave: She waved her hand to me.
  • Wear: Tom wore black pants.
  • Weep: She wept over her child’s death.
  • Weigh: The suitcase weighs 20 pounds.
  • Whip: She whipped out her pistol.
  • Will: I don’t think Emma will get the job.
  • Win: I can win this time.
  • Wish: I wish to insert an advertisement in your newspaper.
  • Would: If I lived on an island, I would know how to swim.
  • Write:  Write it down on a piece of paper.