Grammar Task 15

Grammar Section:

– Learn the use of has to be, have to be, had to be, will have to be and shall have to be, May be, Might be, Can be, Could be, Should be, Must be and Ought to be.

– Learn the use of May have been, Might have been, could have been, Should have been, Must have been and Ought to have been.

Vocabulary Section:

be careful
be present
be honest
be absent
be associated with
be a good student.
be my guest
be all
be sick
be off
be well
be in powers
be glorious
be on a roll
be at pains
be in debt
be at wits end
be a devil
be full
be ready
be in front of
be in
be up to
be proud of
be sure
be after
be on cloud nine
be sure
be precise
be needy
be in need of
be quiet
be with
be of use
be over the moon
be at home on any subject
be in good health
be active
be rid of
be lucky
be there
be fool
to be at a loss