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Germany Tourist Visa from Pakistan:

Germany Short Term Schengen Visa C – Business Exploration, Trade Fair or Exhibitor Visa:
The history of Germany is very rich. It used to be the strongest country of Europe form millenniums. It ruled over Europe due to its strong economy. Germans put lots of influence on the culture and economy of most of the European countries.

They promoted not only their culture in other European countries but they left their language in those countries also and now the German language is most spoken language in Europe along with the English language. It is the law of nature that every dominant have to see a decline. Once Alexander was great he saw a decline, then Brittan was great they saw a decline. Germans were also great so they also had to face decline when a dictator Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party took control of Germany in 1933. Hitler wanted to conquer all the Europe and put all the Europe in the fire of war. The war mania of Hitler destroyed the infrastructure of not only the neighboring country of Germany but also the German nation have to suffer with it. Hitler era from 1933 to 1945 was horrible for Germans and it demolished the nation. After the death of Hitler, the German nation was divided into two parts, East Germany and West Germany. Capital Berlin was also divided into two parts and a wall was constructed for partition. With the continuous struggle of the German nation, this Berlin wall was broken on 9 November 1989 and German nation became united once again and started their journey towards development again. And now in 2017, this nation has become world’s fourth strongest economy. Salute to this brave nation.

Germany Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa:
The Federal Republic of Germany is world’s number one venue for trade exhibitions with two thirds of world’s leading events in the trade field taking place there. The country hosts more than 100,000 foreigners per year who come with the sole purpose of visiting the trade fairs and exhibitions, while another over 20,000 enter the country as exhibitors and fair participants.

Schengen Visa Requirements:

(All photocopies should be A4 size)
1. Original passport + previous passports
2. Visa application Form
3. Health Insurance (photocopy)
4. Invitation letter / Hotel booking /Exhibition entry ticket/Stall booking
with receipt of payment
5. In case of exhibition then hotel booking
6. Covering letter / letter from your company
7. Letter from Chamber of commerce (if applicable)
8. Passport copy page 1 and 2
9. Copy of all refusals
10. ID card copy
11. List of children
12. Security questionnaire
13. Appointment email
14. Copy of AMEX receipt
15. Copy of all previous visas
16. Personal bank Statements of the past 6 months
17. Company bank statement of the past 6 months
18. Tax returns
19. Bill of lading of the last few shipments to Germany/Europe/etc
20. Any other good proof of business relations  || Source ||

Specific Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa Requirements

On the other hand, the applicant will also have to submit some other documents that show the reason of their trip to Germany, as following:

  • Documents proving the purpose behind applicant’s intended trip:
    • A bill of the voucher + a paid trade fair participant voucher – for a trade fair exhibitor candidate
    • The official invitation as a visitor, or a paid entry pass as fair visitor – for a trade fair visitor candidate
    • Marketing material of the trade fair about to visit – showing the information about the candidate’s concerned part in such event
    • Documents showing the relationship between the company’s profile with the theme of the fair / exhibition (I.e. Company’s products/services related to such theme)
  • A cover letter from the host company – showing the reason for travel and the detailed travel program
  • A document showing the eligibility of the sending company to do business (business license)
  • If the applicant is an employee she / he must submit the following requirements:
    • Bank statements of the past 6 months
    • The work contract (with detailed information about the length of it, the job position, salary level)
    • Income tax return from salary
    • An approved leave of absence from the employer, that must be signed and stamped, and contain the dates of leave
    • A letter of commitment from the employer to cover costs of the candidate
  • If the applicant is the owner of a company / employer, then she / he must submit the following documents:
    • Company’s Bank statements of the past 3 months, showing candidate’s right and limits to withdraw money from such account
    • Certificate of business ownership – showing candidate as the owner
    • Document showing ownership of immovable goods in their homeland
    • Company’s Income tax return of profit || Source ||

Here you can download the list of required documents for business visas – trade fairs.

Please note:
• Processing time is of minimum 14 week-days / working days
• All applicants have to appear personally, unless they belong to the
following category:
– who have been in the possession of at least two valid Schengen visa
(category C, issued by any Schengen state) within the past 24 months
and have used them in a lawful manner or
– who have been in the possession of a Schengen visa with a validity of a
year or several years in the past (24 months time limit does not apply in
this case) and have used them in a lawful manner
are exempted from a personal appearance at the visa section. They
can send a person of trust with their application form and the required
documents. These documents need to be complete.
• Companies should send their employees in a group to apply for the visa.
• Visa applications can be submitted weeks ahead of travel date.
Dates of validity on the visa sticker will be according to the dates as per
application, reservations and travel health insurance.
• Spouses (not involved in the business) accompanying their partners on
a business trip/ to a fair have to fulfill the requirements as for a tourist.
• Original passports can be withdrawn after submission of application
for travels into countries other than Schengen States during the
processing time.
• No other charges except the visa fee is applicable. This requirement
sheet is free of charge.
• Visa applications of minors need to include the written consent of their

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