Germany Long-term National Study Visa D – Payment Details

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01. Pay non-refundable “Admission Counseling Charges” USD 38 / PKR 5000 to start the admission process. STVisaPro appoints expert admission counselor for the fast admission process. The counselor handles all the paper requirements and correspondence to institute for fast admission process and keeps you informed periodically.

02. German “Educational Institute Administration Charges” from USD 30-120 will be payable at the time of application submission for admission in EACH institute. Sometimes, this payment includes issuance of admission letter and international courier charges. Money Converter.

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03. Course / Tuition Fees, payable to the institute account directly by the applicant. This payment vary according to course length, level of education and type of institute. Bank statement is needed according to admission fees for the first year. You will be guided about the institute refund policy in case of visa refusal.

04. Click the link below for details about embassy fee and other visa application expenditure;

05. Availability of funds to cover educational expanses abroad. Minimum amount is required to cover first year of education abroad.

06. Pay USD 1000 / PKR 135,000 only in case visa approval.

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