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Denmark Student Visa for Pakistan:

Denmark Student Long Term Residence Permit:
Denmark is a proud member of Scandinavian Block. It consists of about 429 islands but only 72 of them are populated. Funen, Lolland-Falter, the larger islands of Zealand and Jutland peninsula are the major islands of Denmark.

Islands of Denmark are best portraits of nature. The beautiful villages, natural woodland and stunning lakes double its beauty. Denmark is situated at the ideal place of Europe. The major cities of Europe like London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, Vienna etc. are approximately one or two hours flight away from Copenhagen, capital of Denmark.

Living in Denmark is always good idea. The society of Denmark respects each other’s thoughts. Danish people believe in equality. Everyone has freedom of speech. In Denmark you will have freedom of religion and there is no bias against any race, gender, religion and sexual preference .The democratic society of Denmark gives equal rights to all. Law is equal for locals and foreigners. There is free education and healthcare for all (for Danish and EU citizens).

Denmark is a safe country with very less crime rate. One can enjoy his life with his family and friends without facing any hate or racism. In Denmark, you can enjoy beautiful clean beaches, healthy food and sports facilities on very economical cost. The clean atmosphere of Denmark is ideal for bicycle riding.

Danish people enjoys every second of their life, they prefer their family and friends to work. They maintain balance between work and family. There is 37 working hour in a week, with good wage rate. One can earn good money in 37 hours per week. All the employees in Denmark are given five weeks vacation with full pay annually. Leave are also granted with pay in case of child sickness. There are lots of part time job in Denmark for international student. After completion of study, Pakistani / foreign students can find full time jobs and enjoy all the employee rights according to law.

What is study in Denmark?
The government of Denmark believes in quality education. If you want to study in creative, innovative and up to dated study atmosphere then believe us that Denmark is best place for you. Study in Denmark is always a good idea for challenging students. Lots of courses are available to study in Denmark for Pakistani students.

Denmark’s higher education institutions are connected with world’s best universities, business firms, science parks and lot of research centers, which makes the education quality way too higher.

Study in Denmark’s higher education institutions based on lectures, tutorials, practical problem assignments. This problem based study system helps the students to express and polish their skills. Study projects are also assigned to group of students, which help them to face challenges in their professional life. The friendly study environment gives students chance to interact with teachers easily, they can discuss their study problems with teachers during or after classes.

High quality of education is the priority of Denmark’s educational institutions. Universities of Denmark have highly qualified and experienced faculty, research experience is essential part of being teacher in higher education institution in Denmark. Higher education institutions are also collaborating with business, industries, science centers and research centers. The top class professionals from different fields come to universities of Denmark to share their knowledge with students. These seminars and workshops with professionals keep the students up date with professional world. Students are facilitating with libraries, computer labs and free Wi-Fi internet.

The students who want to study in Denmark in English are offered almost 700 degree programs and 1300 courses in English language. You can study medicine in Denmark in English along with science, Biotechnology, food technology, IT, telecommunication, renewable energy, pharmaceutical sciences, business, designing, humanities, architecture and lot more. These all study programs are designed with high quality and up to date knowledge and research for student satisfaction. Research is basic element in entire education system of Denmark. So it can be truly said that Denmark is paradise for researcher and Doctoral level students. If you want to complete your PhD program then believe us that Denmark is ideal place for you.

University of Copenhagen bachelor programs in English includes business, environmental engineering, IT, design, food technology, renewable energy and lot more.

Pakistani / foreign students need to pass Danish entrance examination to take admission in Danish higher education institutions if they don’t have equaling qualification to Danish entrance examination.

Danish higher education institutions require your original document of previous studies or copies which are signed/attested by concern authorities. Some of Danish universes demand the document should be send directly by degree issuing institutions. Student should check the detail of admission form particular university so that they can provide documents in time.

Higher secondary school leaving certificate/Intermediate + 1 year university education.
Entrance exam equal to Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate.
Internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate. E.g. IELTS (international English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Etc.
Previous exams should be passed according to minimum grade required by university.
Diploma should be passed with good GPA.
University admission test and interview should be passed. (Optional)

Undergraduates Admissions in Danish Universities
Applications for August/September semester are received till March 15, and for January / February semester deadline is September 01. Application forms can be taken from university’s campus before 2 months of admission deadline. Application forms are also available on the university’s website which can be downloaded.

Post-graduate Admission requirements for Danish Universities
16 year education from Pakistan or equivalent degree.
Bachelor’s Degree from internationally recognized university with required grades. (B.S)
Internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate. E.g. IELTS (international English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Etc.
Doctoral (PhD) admission requirements
18 year education from internationally recognized university.
or M.Phil. with required grades.
For 4 years Doctoral study program Bachelor’s Degree with one year study at postgraduate level is accepted.
PhD position is announcing by university and relevant department on University’s website. Deadline for PhD program is different for every university. Students should check the university’s website for deadline confirmation.

English language requirements:
To take admission in study program educated in English language, students need to provide English Language proficiency certificate with grades equal to “English A” or “English B” of Danish upper secondary school system. Normally IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge ESOL examination (CAE) are accepted as prove for English language proficiency.

“English A” is equal to:
IELTS : 7.0 points / bands.
TOEFL: 587-610 scores in paper based test/240-253 scores in computer based test/94-101 online test.
Cambridge Advanced English: Certificate of Proficiency (CPE).
“English B” is equal to:
IELTS : 6.5 points / bands.
TOEFL: 550-583 scores in paper based test/213-237 scores in computer based test/79-93 online test.
Cambridge Advanced English: Certificate in advance English (CAE).

Study in Denmark without ielts is possible if you are Citizen of English speaking countries like United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. If you are citizen of one of that countries then you are exempted to provide English Language Proficiency certificate.

Requirement for admission into Danish-taught study Program
Pakistani / foreign student who want to study in Danish language are required to prove their proficiency in Danish language. For this purpose you need to pass “Danish as a foreign language” test which is also called (Studieprovenidansksomandetsprog). Some study programs required “Danish Test 2” test which is called (Danskprove 2) and some study programs required “Danish Test 3” which is called (Danskprove 3).

All Pakistani / International students can take free Danish lessons. If you want to take Danish lessons then you need to take admission first in some English language taught study program, with that study program you can improve your skill in Danish language by taking Danish lessons. You can take admission into Danish taught study program by proving your proficiency in Danish language.

Fees and Scholarships:
Fees of universities study programs are varying from one university to another but here are average fee is given for your general estimation. Students should check the exact fee for their desired study program from related university’s website. Check annual tuition fee for full degree students:

US $ 8,000 to 21,000. OR
Euro 6,000 to 16,000 OR
DKK 45,000 to 12000 approx. OR

study in Denmark for Pakistani students

Government of Denmark is giving limited number of scholarships to higher education institutions every year for brilliant students who take admission in full degree programs from non-EU / EEA counties and Switzerland. For taking scholarship you should have a time limited residence permit in Denmark for education. Students who want to take admission in Artistic Higher Education Institution are not eligible for scholarship. If you are child of foreign citizen but born in Denmark then you are not eligible for scholarship because in this case you are Danish national. If you are already taking some grant from state education fund then you are not eligible for scholarship either.

There are other scholarships options for Pakistani students for study in Denmark, soon we will cover this topic in detail. (Please keep visiting us or follow us on social media, We update the study abroad info daily)

Pakistani students are required to take visa to enter in Denmark. Visa can be obtained from Embassy of Denmark located in Islamabad. For applying for visa you need to provide following documents:

General study visa requirements are:
Admission confirmation letter from university.
Fee payment proof of university (minimum one semester fee should be paid).
Pictures and other proof of identity. (i.d card of students or guardian)
Bank statement with sufficient fund to cover university fees and daily living expense.
These are the general student residence permit requirements. For exact required documents you must visit the website of Denmark embassy (visa section).

Big cities of world are facing overpopulation problem from few years, so that Denmark. Finding accommodation is not easy in Denmark too. If you get admission in Denmark then you should search accommodation right away, sometimes it takes one or two months to find a suitable place for living. Students should contact to their university to find accommodation, university can guide them for proper rooms or flats. Finding accommodation in Denmark in August and September is almost impossible, so if your session is starting during these months then reserve your accommodation first then fly.

Types of Accommodation:
Most interesting part of a student life is accommodation. Mostly students share rooms, house, apartment or flats. Living together with other students gives them new experience, new friends, new relations and new life. Sometime these friendships and relations remain all over the life. In Denmark students have different choices for accommodation. They can rent house, flat, or apartment together or sublet with some Danish student or family. Living with Danish family or student is also good experience, with this you can observe Danish people, culture, traditions and family values closely. Another option is student halls of residence (kollegier), it is cheaper accommodation regarding to other types of accommodations, so you can try to reserve your place in student halls of residence.

Pakistani / international students are allowed to work as part time during their studies. There are different kinds of students jobs available in Denmark like other European countries. Students normally do paper distribution, bar attending, waiter at restaurants, and field of telemarketing jobs. Finding student job in Denmark is not easy if you cannot speak and understand Danish language. Pakistani students should not go to Denmark on fully relying part time job. For seeking job you need to command on Danish language. You can learn Danish language from any academy or school in Denmark, it is totally free.

If you are feeling helpless in finding job in Denmark then don’t worry. Normally higher education institutions have online job banks. You should register yourself with them, they will always assist you for suitable job. Wages are very high in Denmark. The average minimum wage rate is US $ 20 per hour.

Pakistani / international students are allowed to do full time work after studies in Denmark. Students who want to work in Denmark they are allowed after completion of their bachelor’s or Master’s degree to search for work. Student resident permit is valid for six months after completion of degree. Student can search work in these six months. Students who succeed to find job in six months are granted work permit.

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