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Czech Republic Study Visa from Pakistan:

Czech Republic Long-term Study Visa (D):
One of Europe’s beautiful place Czech Republic is called heart of Europe. This landlocked country of Europe is situated in central Europe. Czech Republic shares border with Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. Czech Republic is a proud member of Schengen countries. So being residence of Czech Republic gives you chance to visit most of Europe’s beautiful countries due to its geographical location.


Higher Education System in Czech Republic:

Historical country Czech Republic has very rich history of higher education also. The Charles University of Prague is witness of 600 years of education journey. It also claims the oldest university of Central Europe. Charles University of Prague is founded by Emperor Charles IV in 1348. It is providing world best professionals in all fields to the world from centuries. This university played vital role in the development of higher education system of the modern world.

Higher education system of Czech Republic is run by Ministry of Education, youth and sports. Accreditation Commission is controlling the quality of higher Education system. Three cycle structure is followed in higher education since 2001 which consist of Bachelor’s Level, Master’s Level and Doctoral Level.

Internationalisation in Education in Czech Republic:

In last few years Czech Republic government gave more attention to attract international students towards its universities. Over 42000 foreign students are studying right now in different universities and colleges of Czech Republic including Pakistani students. This is very good ratio of international students in any country. Czech Republic is listed 11th most popular place for exchange and other students of world by EU statistics.

Universities of Czech Republic are very popular among Pakistani/foreign students due to their prestige, teaching methods, low living cost, affordable tuition fees, exceptional conception, unique culture and colorful life of Central Europe.

What Pakistani Students can study in Czech Republic?

Degree structure
Higher education institutions of Czech Republic offer the students three degree levels:

Bachelor’s Degree.
Master’s Degree.
Doctoral Degree.
In Czech Republic there are two types of higher education institutions. One is universities and other is non-universities type. Universities offer all three types of study programs (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree) and non-universities offer only Bachelor’s Degree programs. Higher education diploma and supplement to the diploma is awarded by higher education institutions to the successful students after completing their degrees from universities.

Normally Bachelor’s degree programs consist of 3 to 4 years. You need to present secondary school certificate (intermediate for Pakistani students) + 1 year university education for admission in Bachelor’s degree program. You need to pass final exams along with strong thesis. After completing Bachelor’s degree you are eligible to start your career or take admission in master program for further studies. Higher eructation system of Czech Republic encourage you to continuous your studies.

Master’s degree program consist of 1 to 3 years study. Bachelor’s degree holders are eligible for the admission in Master’s degree program (B.A, B.Sc, B.COM. Hons etc. for Pakistani students- 16 years study). You need to provide impressive research work with strong thesis to get master’s degree.

Doctoral level programs are normally consisting of 3 years. Doctoral degree requires good research work, impressive thesis and some creative work to present in universities. Thesis should be written on some public interest issues and should be as impressive to publish in public journal or newspaper etc.

Czech language is the language of 10 million people. The students who are interested to study in Czech language are welcome by Czech higher education institutions. Study in Czech language is free for all students in the world including Pakistani students. You don’t need to pay tuition fee for any degree program offered in Czech language in public and state universities and colleges. Private institutions charge fees for study in any language including Czech language. Free education in Czech language means that no tuition fee, students should keep in mind that they have to pay admission fee and administration charges. If a student need to extend his visa for any reason he will have to pay visa extension fee also.

If you can’t speak Czech language but interested in free education in Czech Republic then there is good news for you. Some of Czech higher education institutions offer language courses for Pakistani and foreign students. These language courses are paid but if you have scholarship from university for your study program then it will be free of cost also. If you don’t find your seat in language class of university then there is no need to worry, there are lots of private schools which offer Czech language course, they charge fee for language course but they follow the standards of higher education system of Czech Republic. The duration of these language courses is normally consisting of 2 to 4 weeks.

Along with language courses state universities and some of private school held summer camps which taught you not only Czech language but also help you to pass university’s entry test and other examination, these summer classes normally consist of 1 year but believe us that these classes make you perfect in Czech language and prepare to survive in Czech universities and society. Charles University of Prague also gives the facility of Czech language course, language exams, online courses and preparatory courses for admission and study in Czech Republic’s universities and colleges.

There are some scholarships also available for Pakistani/international students to learn Czech language in summer camps with scholarships, these summer camps are held by the summer schools of Slavonic studies to teach Czech language in many public universities. Duration of these course consist of 2 to 4 weeks. These courses offers to teachers, international students, translator and some other professionals who want to do some research in Czech Republic. These summer camps also offer variety of different extra curriculum activities to students like trips, musical and dance activities, theatrical performance and social gathering. The main objective of these activities to introduce the foreigners with the culture, literature and society values of Czech Republic.

The students who want to study in English or some other foreign language are also welcome in Czech Republic’s higher education institutions. Study in other foreign language is paid but they are affordable also. The fee of higher education institutions is varying to different universities. Normally fees of different universities are starts from as low as US $ 2000 to US $ 22350 per year. For exact fees of your desired course can be checked from the university’s official website where you wish to study.

Living cost in Czech Republic is much affordable than other countries of Europe. Though, Czech Republic is a proud member of European Union but it is still not member of Euro Zone. So you need Czech crown as a currency. A normal student can live in Czech Republic in US $ 350 to US $ 750 per month according to your living style. It includes food, room rent, travelling within city and some entertainment in night. The bars and clubs are affordable in Prague, students can enjoy the night life of Czech Republic in very less price.

All Pakistani/ foreign students are allowed to work in Czech Republic during their studies and after the study. If you are staying in Czech Republic on study visa then job should be your second priority. Finding part time job in this financial crisis era is not an easy task for students, so keep in mind that part time job may not cover your both living expenses and tuition fee in Czech Republic. Students are allowed to work during their term as per European education law which is normally 20 to 26 hours per week.

Pakistani/international students who finished their degree from Czech Republic can stay after study to search a job. For this purpose you need to get employee card. The employee card holder is allowed to stay and find the job. Wage rate in Czech Republic is not too good. Minimum salary starts from 9900 CZK per month and average per year salary is not more than 27200 CZK. If you are highly qualified and do some top level administrative work then you can earn 16000 to 18000 CZK per month.

Change in Appointment System for Long-Term Visa / Residence Permit Applications:

Kindly note that from February 1, 2019, the Embassy is slightly modifying the appointment system for applicants for long-term visas and residence permits. If you want to get an appointment, it is essential to follow the modified system. Please, make sure to check the instructions on the modified appointment system carefully.

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