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Sports Visa Canada | Visitor Visa for Sports Person and Athletes:

Canada TRV – For Sports and Athlete:
Subsection 88(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) defines a self-employed person in athletics based on their relevant experience, their intention and ability to be self-employed in Canada, and significant contribution to the Canadian economy in respect to their self-employment activities. || Source |

They play team sports such as hockey, baseball, football and lacrosse; or compete in individual sports such as skiing, figure skating, boxing or track and field; or in games such as poker or chess.

Canada visitor visa for Athletes and Sportsmen:
Athletes participate in competitive sports events on an amateur or professional basis. Athletes are employed by professional team organizations or they may be self-employed.
The sports applicants generally fall into the following categories:
1. Amateur athletes (under age 18)
2. Athletes making a transition from amateur or collegiate level (usually ages 18 to 22)
3. Professional athletes
4. Coaches and other workers who support athletes

Amateur athletes who want to attend short term training courses or summer programs can come to Canada as visitors.

Visit Canada as an Athlete or Sports Person:
Due to the nature of their work, there are specific requirements for athletes and staff looking to work in Canada, either temporarily or permanently. Canada is host to a wide array of sporting events, attracting athletes and coaches from around the world to come and compete in the “great white north”.

A National Hockey League game in Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
Due to the fact that many foreign athletes and coaches earn their livelihood through sport, when they come to Canada for sporting events they are effectively working in Canada, technically making them foreign workers. Despite this designation, in the majority of cases, the rules and regulation of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program do not apply in the context of visiting athletes and coaches. To subject these individuals to the rules and procedures usually associated with foreign workers would be overly burdensome and would impede Canada from participating in sporting events/leagues that are international in scope.

Therefore, as long these individuals are a member of a foreign-based team or an individual athlete representing a foreign country, a work permit is generally not required. The same goes for any of the foreign team or athlete’s essential personal and support staff.

Athletes and staff joining Canadian employer:

On the other hand, if a foreign national wants to join a Canada-based sports team or represent Canada as an individual athlete, a work permit must usually be obtained. Even in this scenario however, much of the red tape usually associated with acquiring a work permit is removed from the process. This is because such athletes can be exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application, which is usually the most onerous and problematic aspect of procuring a work permit. The LMIA is usually necessary to prove that the Canadian employer was unable to find a Canadian to do the job in question. In the case of LMIA-exempt work permits, this protection is not present, and, as a result, these applications are scrutinized very closely — even a trivial error can jeopardize the success of the application. Because of this, and to make sure the athlete in question is eligible for this type of work permit, it is important in these situations to have a well prepared work permit application package.

Canada Visit Visa Fee for Pakistan | Canada Visa Fees in Rupees:

Canada visit visa from Pakistan – Fee per person
– Single or multiple entry temporary resident visa $CAN 100 / PKR 9,000
– Biometrics Fee $CAN 85 / PKR 7,700
You must include the fee with your application. Find out how to pay your fees.