Bath Spa University, Bath, UK, Representative in Pakistan

Bath Spa University, Bath, UK | Bath Spa University Representative in Pakistan:

Bath Spa University – Bath – UK:
Bath Spa University is where creative minds meet. We teach and research across art, sciences, education, social science, and business. The University employs outstanding creative professionals who support its aim to be a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise.

Our context and ambition:
We are an innovative and resourceful University with roots in the synergies between employers and creativity that are the drivers of sustainable economic development.  We pride ourselves on our sense of community and our nurturing ethos. Our excellent research is novel and crosses disciplines; we value both making and the links between thinking and doing. We welcome the diversity of our students, and their multiple narratives, and we are a place where students change their lives and change the world.

In the next decade we will apply our skills to global challenges and local opportunities, we will focus as one community able to harness all of our strengths and capabilities, and while looking outwards we will be rooted in Bath, essential to the city and the region.

Bath Spa Global:
In March 2017, Bath Spa Global – an embedded college of the University – underwent QAA Review for Educational Oversight – Exceptional Arrangements. The review confirmed confidence can be placed in the provider’s management of its responsibilities for academic standards, as set out in its contractual arrangements with its academic partner; confidence can be placed in the provider’s management and enhancement of the quality of learning opportunities; and reliance can be placed on the information that the provider produces for its intended audiences about the learning opportunities it offers. There were no recommendations. The full report can be accessed on the QAA’s website. An action plan responding to the identified good practice has been developed by Bath Spa Global and the University in partnership with its students.

Cultural partners:
We are proud of our partnerships with the creative and cultural sector in Bath. Together, we work to provide support for our community, our students and staff, and our valuable research and creative practice.

Educational partners:
We’ve teamed up with fantastic partner colleges in the UK and overseas to bring you even more great courses to kick-start your creative career.

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