AIBT Australia | Australia Institute of Business and Technology, Representative in Pakistan:

Australia Institute of Business and Technology – Australia:
Under the banner of AIBTGlobal, we have two separate Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) which operate independently under their own RTO & CRICOS numbers, however they share resources such as facilities, training staff and equipment.

Our Courses:
Our accredited courses offer the same nationally recognised qualifications that are available through TAFE, whilst being extremely flexible for busy adults. Our programs are run both in class and online. Our high tech virtual classrooms allow our online students to attend real time/recorded classes anywhere across the globe.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to be recognised as the most innovative and premier professional college of Australia domestic and international students alike, while assisting them in their successful integration into the multicultural Australian society and professional realm.

Our students are enrolled under either:
1. Brighton Pacific Pty Ltd T/A Australia Institute of Business and Technology –
(AIBT) ABN: 37 168 731 048 | RTO: 41138 | CRICOS: 03430J or
2. Australia Institute of Business and Technology – International Pty Ltd (AIBT-I)
ABN: 23 615 318 815 | RTO: 45169 | CRICOS: 03610E Read more…

AUSINET Australia | Australian Institute of Electro Technology, Representative in Pakistan:

Australian Institute of Electro Technology – Brisbane, Darwin:
Australian Institute of technology is a specialized training organization and we only deliver Electrotechnology courses.
Our trainers are specialists in Instrumentation and electrical trade with over 20 years experience.
They are regularly engaged in contract roles as consultants and techs which helps to stay updated with the industry requirements.

Flexible Life Changing Courses:
Don’t waste your time sitting in a classroom with dozens of other students, our courses are flexible and we offer one on one practical experience.
We want to empower you with tools for achieving greater success.
At the Australian Institute of Electrotechnology, the trainer is present to step you through the journey of transformation from a an Electrician to an Excellent Instrument technician. Read more…